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To help you succeed in today's competitive job market, whether you are looking for new opportunities or advancing in your current position, you need to build and demonstrate your technology expertise and skills.

When evaluating new candidates or considering the competencies of existing staff, many employers recognize the value of a Microsoft Certification. These certifications are designed to provide the recognition you need to help you excel in your career and provide employers with validation of your skills.

Microsoft Excel Certificate
Why MOS?

According to RHI survey, Microsoft Excel Specialist

  • Bulletin  Earn up to 12% more than their non-certified counterparts
  • Bulletin  Microsoft Excel Specialists are placed at a higher rate than the industry average
  • Bulletin  Microsoft Excel Specialists are twice as likely as their non-certified peers to be converted from       temporary to full-time jobs.
Why do employers prefer MOS candidates over others?
  • Bulletin  Since 90% of office work is done using Excel, it is no surprise that Excel - certified individuals are       the first choice of employers.
  • Bulletin  Hiring certified individuals not only reduces pre-hiring evaluations and saves time, but they also       get qualified employees, which means reduced training expense
  • Bulletin  Certified employees are more productive than their non-certified peers
  • Bulletin  Having certified employees means increased customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • Bulletin  Identifying candidates for promotion becomes easier
  • Bulletin  It increases employers' credibility with its customers.
How do I get MOS Certificate?

1.  Register for MOS through Excelgoodies
2.  Avail the course content
3.  Get access to mock test / preparatory exam
4.  Take up the final exam at our center
5.  Avail the Microsoft certificate