Excel Training for Marketing Professionals

Taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers

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This is a 20 hours course designed for Marketing professionals to, equip them with the Excel skills required for effective planning, executing, analyzing and, reporting the performance, regarding ROI on every activity executed.

The course covers many Marketing Reports like Total Reach, Reach by Channel, Total Leads Generated, Total customers driven by Marketing, Source Analysis, Visit-to-Lead Conversion Ratio, Leads-to-Customer Ratio, etc. to demonstrate the analytical capabilities of Microsoft Excel.

Course Fee

  • Course Duration:
  • 20 Hours (6 Sessions, each of 3 Hours)
  • Pre-requisite:
  • Understanding of Marketing Concepts
  • Mode of Training:
  • Virtual Classroom (Instructor-Led)

Example of Marketing Reports - Dashboard

Sample Marketing Reports

What will you be able to do post-training?

  1. Have high comfort working with Excel leading to quick turnaround time
  2. Use right formulas for the given scenario
  3. Write Complex Formulae with ease
  4. Handle Excel related situations more maturely
  5. Present Marketing data with better interpretation

What's included in your training?

  1. Pre-Course Assessment
  2. Hands-On Instructor Led Training
  3. 50+ Assignments and Real-time exercises
  4. 30 Days Post Training Support (On Job)
  5. Free Study material (Online Excel Help) for 30 Days

Course Content - Overview

Level 1 - Basic Excel

  1. A overview of the screen, navigation and basic spreadsheet concepts
  2. Understanding workbooks, worksheets, rows, columns, cells
  3. Various selection techniques
  1. Entering, Editing and Deleting Text, Numbers, Dates
  2. Using Auto Lists
  3. Moving and Copying data
  4. Inserting, Deleting and Hiding Rows & Columns
  5. Inserting, Deleting, Moving and Copying Sheets
  6. Using navigation techniques
Customizing Excel
  1. Customizing the Ribbon
  2. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  3. Using and Customizing AutoCorrect
  4. Changing Excel’s Default Options
  5. Creating a Custom AutoFill List
  6. Creating a Custom Number Format
  7. Customizing Excel Review
Managing and Navigating large Workbooks
  1. Using Workbook Views
  2. Selecting and Switching Between Worksheets
  3. Splitting and Freezing a Window
  4. Creating Headers and Footers
  5. Hiding Rows, Columns, Worksheets, and Windows
  6. Working with Multiple Workbook Windows
  7. Creating a Template
  8. Managing Workbooks Review
Creating and Editing Formulae
  1. Concept of Formulae
  2. Creating Formulae, Editing Formulae
  3. Bodmas : Mathematical Order
  4. Copying Formulae
  5. Using Functions - Sum, Average, Max,Min, Count, Counta
  6. Applying Absolute (Fixed) Referencing
Referencing Techniques
  1. Relative Reference
  2. Absolute Reference
  3. Mixed Reference
  4. Moving Range Reference
Formatting and Proofing
  1. Formatting Cells with Number formats, Font formats, Alignment, Borders, etc
  2. Basic conditional formatting
  3. Copying and Clearing Formats
  4. Working with Styles
  5. Spell Check, Find & Replace and AutoCorrect

Level 2 - Intermediate Excel

  1. SumIf, SumIfs
  2. CountIf, CountIfs
  3. AverageIf, AverageIfs
  4. SumProduct, Subtotal
  1. Vlookup / HLookup
  2. Match
  3. Dynamic Two Way Lookup
  4. Creating Smooth User Interface Using Lookup
  5. Offset
  6. Index
  7. Dynamic Worksheet linking using Indirect
  1. Nested If ( And Conditions , Or Conditions )
  2. Alternative Solutions for Complex IF Conditions to make work simple
  3. And, Or, Not
  1. Upper, Lower, Proper
  2. Left, Mid, Right
  3. Trim, Len
  4. Concatenate
  5. Find, Substitute
  1. Today, Now
  2. Day, Month, Year
  3. Date, DateDif, DateAdd
  4. EOMonth, Weekday
  1. Round
  2. RoundUp
  3. RoundDown
  4. MRound
  1. isNa
  2. isErr
  3. isError
  1. Paste Formulas
  2. Paste Formats
  3. Paste Validations
  4. Paste Conditional Formats
  5. Add / Subtract / Multiply / Divide
  6. Merging Data using Skip Blanks
  7. Transpose Tables
  1. Sorting on Multiple Fields
  2. Dynamic Sorting of Fields
  3. Bring Back to Ground Zero after Multiple Sorts
  1. Filtering on Text, Numbers & Date
  2. Filtering on Colors
  3. Copy Paste while filter is on
  4. Advanced Filters
  5. Custom AutoFilter
  1. Working with Themes
  2. Setting Up Print Area
  3. Printing Selection
  4. Branding with Backgrounds
  5. Adding Print Titles
  6. Fitting the print on to a specific defined size
  7. Customizing Headers & Footers

Level 3 - Advanced Excel

  1. From Web Page
  2. Exporting to XML
  3. Creating Dynamic Dashboards and Reports Using Data on Other Applications
  4. Using Text To Columns
  1. Goal Seek
  2. Scenario Analysis
  3. Data Tables
  1. Number, Date & Time Validation
  2. Text Validation
  3. List Validation
  4. Handling Invalid Inputs
  5. Dynamic Dropdown List Creation using Data Validation
  1. File Level Protection
  2. Workbook Level Protection
  3. Sheet & Cell Level Protection
  4. Setting Permissions for Specific Tasks
  5. Track changes
  1. Consolidating data with identical layouts
  2. Consolidating data with different layouts
  3. Consolidating data with different Sheets
  1. Creating Basic Conditional Formats
  2. Managing Conditions Created
  3. Dynamic Formatting using Formulas in Conditional Formatting
  1. Creating Simple Pivot Tables
  2. Basic and Advanced Value Field Setting
  3. Sorting based on Labels and Values
  4. Filtering based on Labels and Values
  5. Grouping based on numbers and Dates
  6. Drill-Down of Data
  7. GetPivotData Function
  8. Calculated Field & Calculated Items
  1. Bar Charts / Pie Charts / Line Charts
  2. Dual Axis Charts
  3. Dynamic Charting
  4. Other Advanced Charting Techniques
  1. Bar Charts / Pie Charts / Line Charts
  2. Planning a Dashboard
  3. Adding Tables to Dashboard
  4. Adding Charts to Dashboard
  5. Adding Dynamic Contents to Dashboard
COURSE DURATION: 8 HRS Annual sales Forecast Marketing Budget
  1. Online Media Budget
  2. Offline Media Budget
  3. Print Media - Newspaper & Magazines
  4. TV media
Effectiveness of Marketing activities
  1. Monthly Ads expenses Analysis
  2. Online Media Effectiveness
  3. ROI on CPM
Offline Media Effectiveness
  1. Direct Mail Analysis
  2. Direct Marketing Analysis
Sales Pipe Analysis
  1. Sales Chart
Marketing Dashboard

Course Fee

For One-to-One
personalized training
For Group of 3

$299 (per participant)

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  • Mr. Perrie Smith, Business Associate
  • (650) 491-3131
  • inquiry_marketing@excelgoodies.com

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Bob Smith

Procurement Specialist

Trainer's knowledge and experience with every nook of Excel were highly impressive. The course was properly structured in terms of content, assignments and the flow of the training.

I am happy to be using most of Excel Formulae for my operational reports...

Daniel Foisy

Onboarding and Retention Specialist

I am happy to be certified! Thank you, Sami, for being highly patient in teaching complex formulae. Your art of teaching is something I would always cherish for a long time.

You have certainly set the benchmark of teaching standards. Assignments are something...

Chris Evan

Business Analyst

I loved working on challenging assignments. Want more of it. Formulae sessions were highly interesting.

Thanks, Andrew! It was wonderful knowing you and the whole team of Excelgoodies. Cheers...

Gary Roberts

Data Support Analyst

The format of the course was good. Assignments after every 15-20 topics reinforced my learning.

Shortcut Tool is something I find really interesting at work. Good work team!...

Joel Coleman

Document Review Specialist

One quality of Sami that I would like to highlight is - he was considerate of all training levels & made sure we were all taken care at our own speeds.

I am amused at his patience level and truly...

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