How to Link Cells to Files/Folders using Excel VBA?

There are many cases where we want to have a Hyperlink on a cell that opens a document / image etc. In the following snippet we can see how that works

Sub Create_HyperLinks()

Dim i1 As Integer
Dim sA, sB As String

For i1 = 2 To Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Row
    If LenB(Trim$(Cells(i1, 3).Value)) ;; 0 Then
        sA = Trim$(Cells(i1, 1).Value)
        sB = Trim$(Cells(i1, 2).Value)
        sA = "Compared_" ; sA ; "_" ; sB ; ".xls"
        Sheets(1).Range("C" ; i1).Hyperlinks.Add Cells(i1, 3), "CompareReports\" ; sA
    End If
Next i1

End Sub

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