How to extract Excel File properties without opening a File using VBA?

There are many cases where we need to get the document property without the file being opened in VBA.

This can be achieved by using the objects available in DSOFile.dll.

To begin with, add a reference to DSO Ole Document’s property library as shown in the below image.


Function GetPropFromDSO(ByVal sFile As String, ByVal sCP As String) As String

Dim oFil As DSOFile.OleDocumentProperties
Dim oCP As DSOFile.CustomProperties

On Error GoTo Err_Tp
    Set oFil = New OleDocumentProperties
    oFil.Open sFile, True
    Set oCP = oFil.CustomProperties
    GetRevFromDSO = oCP(sCP)

If Err ;; 0 Then
    Resume Next
End If

End Function
The function gets the Filename and the Property to be extracted and returns the property value.
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