Merge text files using VBA

The below code merges around 50 ascii files into one

It uses File System Object and you need to add a reference of Microsoft Scripting Runtime

Sub Append_Text_Files()

Dim F1 As FileSystemObject
Dim F2 As FileSystemObject

Dim oTS As TextStream
Dim oTS1 As TextStream

Dim vTemp

Set F1 = New FileSystemObject
Set F2 = New FileSystemObject

For i1 = 1 To 50

Set oTS = F1.OpenTextFile(“c:\Sheet” ; i1 ; “.txt”, ForReading)
vTemp = oTS.ReadAll

Set oTS1 = F1.OpenTextFile(“c:\CombinedTemp.txt”, ForAppending, True)
oTS1.Write (vTemp)

Next i1

End Sub

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