Is Power Bi, the silent death of SSRS?

Well, the end-purpose of both tools is to help business users with high-end reporting.

Where does the difference lie?

The changing role of Business Users from just “receiving” the powerful BI reports to “creating” one.

1. Empowering End-Users: Now, when most of the BI tools are equipping business users to self-service their reporting needs without being dependent on IT Team, Power BI scores a point over SSRS – which requires specialized knowledge of SQL.

2. Quick turnaround: Once the dependency on IT team is minimized, customizing the reports as per the needs or scenario comes in handy to business users with Power BI – who otherwise have to wait for days together to get it up and live.

3. Awesome Visualizations and Intensive drill down: Offering cool visualizations and multi-level drill down without any IT assistance, makes Power BI the preferred tool. It allows users to play around with the data quite smoothly. When it comes to SSRS, every further drill down goes as a change request to the IT team, and by the time the report comes to you it is most likely that the requirements would have changed.

4.  Mobile Support: We need to use different tools along with SSRS to make the report handy, whereas for Power BI it comes as an inbuilt feature (responsive and adaptive).

5. Security Control: Well, SSRS scores a point over here as it offers strong on-premise security control.

6. Sharing / Delivering the reports: SSRS supports multiple formats over Power BI – which currently sends / email only the snapshot to the subscribed users. Users are required to use paginated reports to send them in desired formats like excel etc.

My Conviction-

As the old saying goes, “New will surpass the old”.

So yes, with the changing roles of business users from just “receiving” the BI reports to “creating” one, and with the increasing popularity of Power BI due to its ability of empowering business users, intensive drill-down & powerful visualizations – without being much dependent on the IT team, one can say that in coming years, SSRS is more likely to disappear or the usage of it will be very limited in nature like just-as-slow disappearance of printed reports. We do agree that Power BI has some limitations, but it’s definitely evolving.

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Courtesy – Sami, Data Enthusiast & a Technophile
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