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    New approach to learn Excel Shortcuts !

    •  Hard time remembering Excel shortcuts?
    •  Spending extra hours learning it?
    •  Need to speed your Excel tasks?

    Learn Shortcuts while you work
    at just

About Us

About Product

Excelgoodies Shortkey Tutor is an application that teaches Excel Shortcuts while working, efforlessly! It helps you avoid that extra hours you spend learning shortcuts but, fail to implement it when required most.



  • Cut Extra Hours Learning Shortcuts
  • Learn while your work effortlessly
  • Speed your Excel and Save time
  • Increase your Turnaround Time
  • Be a Cool Excel Guy !


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How does Tutor Work?

  • Instant Download
    Download Links
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    Download the Excelgoodies Shortcut Tutor at just $10 to experience a new approach of learning Excel Shortcuts effortlessly ! It is a single system based licensing. Hence, can be installed only in one system.

  • Installation Activation Wizard

    Click ExcelGoodiesShortcutTutor.msi to run the set up files -> Follow the instructions on the screen -> Provide the License Key emailed to you on Sign-up -> Installation successfully completed.

  • Ready to Use Excel Shortcut Tab

    On successful installation, locate Excelgoodies Tab on your Excel Ribbon. Your tutor is all set to prompt you with the Excel Shortcuts while you work. You can also disable it by clicking on Turn Off button under the Excelgoodies Tab.

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