India Payment Voucher Tool

18 Hours

Before Automation

40 Minutes

After VBA Automation

17.33 Hours

Time Saved per month

  • Industry:
  • Professional services, Technology services

Company Profile: It is a global management consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations services. A Fortune Global 500 company, incorporated in Dublin, Ireland.

  • Department:
  • Operations
  • Tool(s) Used:
  • Microsoft Excel VB Programming (Macro)

Need for Automation:

Preparing payment voucher for India entity, is a weekly task for us – every Friday – consuming 18 man-hours, for all our suppliers. We will get the invoices list and booking of the month. Based on the Invoice list, voucher template needs to be populated along with invoices backup sheet – to be prepared in a prescribed format. The bookings file comes with 28 columns whereas the back up sheet needs to be prepared only with 17 columns, which are not in order and also every week on an average 90-100 invoice needs to be bifurcated for 10-15 suppliers. This is completely manual, time-consuming and tedious at times. Since it is a weekly affair, during month close it becomes challenging to manage both month-ends and this task. Automation of this process will enable the team to perform it in no time and month-end activities can be managed in a better way.

Take 12-day session, and we will teach you how to Automate your Excel Reports and Processes using VB Programming and, save hours of work for you and the Company. You don’t need to know programming. All you should have is the adequate knowledge of Excel Functions.

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All our sessions are Classroom, Instructor-Led. If you feel, you need to assess your proficiency with Excel Formulae before reserving the seat, Schedule your pre-assessment with the support team at .

Throughout the course, you will be facilitated with 90 small-scale scenarios, 7case studies, and a Live VBA Project to implement the realtime automation back at work.

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