Fund Management Automation

39 Hours

Before Automation

8.67 Hours

After VBA Automation

30.33 Hours

Time Saved Per Month

  • Industry:
  • Retail & Telecommunication

Company Profile: Headquartered in India, it is a leading multi-brand retail chain that deals in mobile phones and connections, accessories, recharges and Internet data cards.

  • Department:
  •  Finance
  • Tool(s) Used:
  • Microsoft Excel VB Programming (Macro)

Need for Automation:

I am responsible for complete Fund Management for the Company – right from adding funds, payments, to generating required reports like supplier-wise payments, department-wise payments etc. On an average, I spend around 90 minutes a day for these activities and sometimes even half-a-day in case of mismatch in the number. Reconciling data becomes really challenging at times and hence, automation of these activities could help me focus on other tasks and also would release me from the stress of reconciliation.

Cost-Benefit Analysis (Post Macro Implementation)


Poorvika Fund Management



Time consumed manually

90 Minutes

Time Consumed for automated activity

20 Minutes

Total time savings per activity

70 Minutes

Total time saved Per month

1820 Minutes

Take 12-day session, and we will teach you how to Automate your Excel Reports and Processes using VB Programming and, save hours of work for you and the Company. You don’t need to know programming. All you should have is the adequate knowledge of Excel Functions.

Upcoming Schedule:

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All our sessions are Classroom, Instructor-Led. If you feel, you need to assess your proficiency with Excel Formulae before reserving the seat, Schedule your pre-assessment with the support team at .

Throughout the course, you will be facilitated with 90 small-scale scenarios, 7case studies, and a Live VBA Project to implement the realtime automation back at work.

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