Grade Entry Date

40 Hours

Before Automation

3 Hours

After VBA Automation

37 Hours

Time Saved per month

  • Industry:
  • Banking, Financial Services

Company Profile: British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, England. It operates a network of more than 1,200 branches and outlets across more than 70 countries.

  • Department:
  • Operation
  • Tool(s) Used:
  • Microsoft Excel VB Programming (Macro)

Need for Automation:

The operation team need to store the insight of each employee into their database by using an ERP tool, any change in a database can view in Review Passage field which saves the last grade change. Currently, the process carried out by separating field element from the tool and distributed off base date report as table or pivot. The depot information can be used by any department for further activity and investigation, indeed there is a high chance of exhaust the grade entry date. The automation of this process helps to identify the incorrect entry and reduce the consumed time..

Cost-Benefit Analysis (Post Macro Implementation)


Grade Entry Date

Frequency (Monthly)


Time consumed manually

1 Week (40 Hrs)

Time Consumed for automated activity

3 Hours

Total time saved Per month

37 Hours

Total time can save by this automation process – 550 Minutes (9.16 Hours)

Take 12-day session, and we will teach you how to Automate your Excel Reports and Processes using VB Programming and, save hours of work for you and the Company. You don’t need to know programming. All you should have is the adequate knowledge of Excel Functions.

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All our sessions are Classroom, Instructor-Led. If you feel, you need to assess your proficiency with Excel Formulae before reserving the seat, Schedule your pre-assessment with the support team at .

Throughout the course, you will be facilitated with 90 small-scale scenarios, 7case studies, and a Live VBA Project to implement the realtime automation back at work.

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