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This is a 25-hour, activity-­based program, designed to give you extensive exposure on mining, structuring and, modeling varied data to come up with the required analysis and MIS Reports using Microsoft Excel.

It run­-throughs the core Excel fundamentals and covers the most Advanced Excel Formulae, Dashboards, Pivots, Charting, What­-if­-analysis, etc. along with the Trainer's hands-­on experience, Practice with Real­-time Assignments and, 5 Projects.

  • Course Duration :
  • 25 Hours (8 Sessions, each of 2.5 Hours)
  • Course Pre-requisite :
  • Good knowledge on Excel Formulas
  • Mode of Training:
  • Virtual Classroom (Instructor-Led)
  • Course fee :
  • INR 7500

Course Content - Overview

  1. A overview of the screen, navigation and basic spreadsheet concepts
  2. Understanding workbooks, worksheets, rows, columns, cells
  3. Various selection techniques
  1. Entering, Editing and Deleting Text, Numbers, Dates
  2. Using Auto Lists
  3. Moving and Copying data
  4. Inserting, Deleting and Hiding Rows & Columns
  5. Inserting, Deleting, Moving and Copying Sheets
  6. Using navigation techniques
Customizing Excel
  1. Customizing the Ribbon
  2. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  3. Using and Customizing AutoCorrect
  4. Changing Excel’s Default Options
  5. Creating a Custom AutoFill List
  6. Creating a Custom Number Format
  7. Customizing Excel Review
Managing and Navigating large Workbooks
  1. Using Workbook Views
  2. Selecting and Switching Between Worksheets
  3. Splitting and Freezing a Window
  4. Creating Headers and Footers
  5. Hiding Rows, Columns, Worksheets, and Windows
  6. Working with Multiple Workbook Windows
  7. Creating a Template
  8. Managing Workbooks Review
Creating and Editing Formulae
  1. Concept of Formulae
  2. Creating Formulae, Editing Formulae
  3. Bodmas : Mathematical Order
  4. Copying Formulae
  5. Using Functions - Sum, Average, Max,Min, Count, Counta
  6. Applying Absolute (Fixed) Referencing
Referencing Techniques
  1. Relative Reference
  2. Absolute Reference
  3. Mixed Reference
  4. Moving Range Reference
Formatting and Proofing
  1. Formatting Cells with Number formats, Font formats, Alignment, Borders, etc
  2. Basic conditional formatting
  3. Copying and Clearing Formats
  4. Working with Styles
  5. Spell Check, Find & Replace and AutoCorrect
  1. SumIf, SumIfs
  2. CountIf, CountIfs
  3. AverageIf, AverageIfs
  4. SumProduct, Subtotal
  1. Vlookup / HLookup
  2. Match
  3. Dynamic Two Way Lookup
  4. Creating Smooth User Interface Using Lookup
  5. Offset
  6. Index
  7. Dynamic Worksheet linking using Indirect
  1. Nested If ( And Conditions , Or Conditions )
  2. Alternative Solutions for Complex IF Conditions to make work simple
  3. And, Or, Not
  1. Upper, Lower, Proper
  2. Left, Mid, Right
  3. Trim, Len
  4. Concatenate
  5. Find, Substitute
  1. Today, Now
  2. Day, Month, Year
  3. Date, DateDif, DateAdd
  4. EOMonth, Weekday
  1. Round
  2. RoundUp
  3. RoundDown
  4. MRound
  1. isNa
  2. isErr
  3. isError
  1. Paste Formulas
  2. Paste Formats
  3. Paste Validations
  4. Paste Conditional Formats
  5. Add / Subtract / Multiply / Divide
  6. Merging Data using Skip Blanks
  7. Transpose Tables
  1. Sorting on Multiple Fields
  2. Dynamic Sorting of Fields
  3. Bring Back to Ground Zero after Multiple Sorts
  1. Filtering on Text, Numbers & Date
  2. Filtering on Colors
  3. Copy Paste while filter is on
  4. Advanced Filters
  5. Custom AutoFilter
  1. Working with Themes
  2. Setting Up Print Area
  3. Printing Selection
  4. Branding with Backgrounds
  5. Adding Print Titles
  6. Fitting the print on to a specific defined size
  7. Customizing Headers & Footers
  1. From Web Page
  2. Exporting to XML
  3. Creating Dynamic Dashboards and Reports Using Data on Other Applications
  4. Using Text To Columns
  1. Goal Seek
  2. Scenario Analysis
  3. Data Tables
  1. Number, Date & Time Validation
  2. Text Validation
  3. List Validation
  4. Handling Invalid Inputs
  5. Dynamic Dropdown List Creation using Data Validation
  1. File Level Protection
  2. Workbook Level Protection
  3. Sheet & Cell Level Protection
  4. Setting Permissions for Specific Tasks
  5. Track changes
  1. Consolidating data with identical layouts
  2. Consolidating data with different layouts
  3. Consolidating data with different Sheets
  1. Creating Basic Conditional Formats
  2. Managing Conditions Created
  3. Dynamic Formatting using Formulas in Conditional Formatting
  1. Creating Simple Pivot Tables
  2. Basic and Advanced Value Field Setting
  3. Sorting based on Labels and Values
  4. Filtering based on Labels and Values
  5. Grouping based on numbers and Dates
  6. Drill-Down of Data
  7. GetPivotData Function
  8. Calculated Field & Calculated Items
  1. Bar Charts / Pie Charts / Line Charts
  2. Dual Axis Charts
  3. Dynamic Charting
  4. Other Advanced Charting Techniques
  1. Bar Charts / Pie Charts / Line Charts
  2. Planning a Dashboard
  3. Adding Tables to Dashboard
  4. Adding Charts to Dashboard
  5. Adding Dynamic Contents to Dashboard

Currently, this is a gated course and admission for the same is by invite only.

Kindly contact Support Team at 9176633248 for further details.

Thank you,
Team Excelgoodies
  1. Practice with Real­-time Assignments
  2. Excel Video Lessons / Classroom files
  3. Excel Shortcut Tool (Life­-time Access)
  4. 30­-Day Post Training Support (via Email)
  5. Specialist Certification
  1. Have high comfort working with Excel leading to quick turnaround time
  2. Use right formulas for the given scenario
  3. Write Complex Formulae with ease
  4. Impress clients and managers with your insight and presentation skills
  5. Save time and money spent on data handling

System Requirements: Windows OS, Office 2007 & above, microphone-enabled Headset, and a second monitor (optional).

  1. Link to join the session will be e-mailed to you well before hand.
  2. Click the link 15 minutes before the training to view the Trainer's screen in real-time.
  3. Practice the topics taught through assignments.
  4. Clear your doubts instantly with the Trainer.

System Check: To ensure smooth training, we will conduct a quick system check 3 days before the program.


  1. We recommend using dual monitors, so that you have one screen to watch the instructor and another to work on.
  2. A few days before class, make sure that your computer is ready to go: high-speed, stable internet access with a good headset.
  3. On the day of the class, log into the classroom at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class, using the instructions that are sent after you complete registration. After you are logged in, follow the onscreen instructions to activate the audio.

Offered by Excelgoodies Consulting, Inc.

  1. Excel Guru
  2. MIS Reporting Specialist

Offered by Microsoft, Inc.

  1. MOS from Microsoft, Inc. - To be availed at additional cost.

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Richard Carter

Data Coordinator

To sum it all, It was one on the finest sessions I've come across recently. Thanks, Sami! I am been able to approach Excel scenarios more confidently. I kind of enjoyed your Dashboard session the most...

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