PivotTable, Charts and Dashboards

Taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers

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This is a 5 hours course designed for Excel users to crunch numbers substantially, create reports dynamically using PivotTable and, present professional information Dashboards in Microsoft Excel that is beautiful, precise and clear.

Talk to the Trainer

Know your current Excel skills through a quick pre-assessment, discuss your requirements (if any) with the Trainer and, feel your comfort level before registering for the program.

Course Fee

  • Course Duration:
  • 6 Hours (2 Sessions, each of 3 hours)
  • Mode of Training:
  • Virtual Classroom (Instructor-Led)
  • Pre-requisite:
  • Basic Excel knowledge

What will you be able to do post training?

  1. Transform business records into a detailed report within seconds
  2. Construct different views for your business needs
  3. Present visually appealing data through Charts
  4. Summarize all data points into a single screen for effective decision-making

What's included in your training?

  1. Pre-Course Assessment
  2. Hands-On Instructor Led Training
  3. 10+ Assignments and Real-time exercises
  4. Post-training Support for period of 30 Days

Course Content - Overview

Creating Pivot Table
  1. Changing the Pivot Table layout
  2. Formatting row , column and value fields
  3. Grouping items – Number Grouping and Date Grouping
  4. Inserting calculated fields
  5. Display and hide data in fields
  6. Layout reports directly on worksheet
  7. Manual, Single & Multi sorting options
  8. Manual, Single & Multi Filtering options
  9. Multiple ways of presenting data in Pivot Table
  10. Using advanced value field setting
  11. Display Amount in Percentage
  12. Pivot Table – Design Tab
Pivot table options Using slizers CHARTS & PIVOT CHARTS
  1. Bar Charts / Pie Charts / Line Charts
  2. Dual Axis Charts
  3. Dynamic Charting
  4. Other Advanced Charting Techniques
  1. Bar Charts / Pie Charts / Line Charts
  2. Planning a Dashboard
  3. Adding Tables to Dashboard
  4. Adding Charts to Dashboard
  5. Adding Dynamic Contents to Dashboard


"To sum it all, It was one on the finest sessions I've come across recently. Thanks, Sami! I am been able to approach Excel scenarios more confidently. I kind of enjoyed your Dashboard session the most. I will surely share some work of mine soon to you. Cheers!"

Richard Carter

Data Coordinator, First Protocol,

New York City, NY

Course Fee

For One-to-One
personalized training
For Group of 3

$129 (per participant)

Contact Us

  • Mr. Perrie Smith, Business Associate
  • (650) 491-3131, (315) 633-4414
  • inquiry_excel@excelgoodies.com

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Bob Smith

Procurement Specialist

Trainer's knowledge and experience with every nook of Excel were highly impressive. The course was properly structured in terms of content, assignments and the flow of the training.

I am happy to be using most of Excel Formulae for my operational reports...

Daniel Foisy

Onboarding and Retention Specialist

I am happy to be certified! Thank you, Sami, for being highly patient in teaching complex formulae. Your art of teaching is something I would always cherish for a long time.

You have certainly set the benchmark of teaching standards. Assignments are something...

Chris Evan

Business Analyst

I loved working on challenging assignments. Want more of it. Formulae sessions were highly interesting.

Thanks, Andrew! It was wonderful knowing you and the whole team of Excelgoodies. Cheers...

Gary Roberts

Data Support Analyst

The format of the course was good. Assignments after every 15-20 topics reinforced my learning.

Shortcut Tool is something I find really interesting at work. Good work team!...

Joel Coleman

Document Review Specialist

One quality of Sami that I would like to highlight is - he was considerate of all training levels & made sure we were all taken care at our own speeds.

I am amused at his patience level and truly...

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