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Automation of Warehouse Stock Status

4.67 Hours

Before Automation

40 Minutes

After VBA Automation

4 Hours

Time Saved per month

  • Industry:
  • Commercial printing, Logistics and Supply Chain, Digital Marketing

Company Profile: A Fortune 500 integrated communications company, with its headquarters in Chicago, provides marketing and business communications, commercial printing, and related services.

  • Department:
  • Customer Support
  • Tool(s) Used:
  • Microsoft Excel VB Programming (Macro)

Need for Automation:

I am required to assist Sales Representatives with the Stock Status (backorder, available quantity and order quantity) for different warehouse/plants consuming around 2 hours of man-hour weekly. An automation of this task shall leave me with enough productive hours and shall also update the Sales Rep with the accurate information in no time.

Besides, I am also required to combine multiple files with a huge quantity of data as a single file, explaining the post-production details like Customer, Product, Quantity, Price, last ship date for a particular division, region and area etc. – which will later be used by Sales Department for future production for a specific corporate or a product. This activity consumes around an hour weekly. Automating this process would leave me with enough time to address other important areas.

Cost-Benefit Analysis (Post Macro Implementation)

Activity # Frequency Manual Effort Production Time
1 Status Stock Report 4 week
Before Automation
70 Minutes 56 Hours
After Automation
10 Minutes 8 Hours

The Manual effort time for this project will acquire 1 hour 10 minutes and its weekly-based report. Annual Production Time for this job is 56 hours.

Now this job has been automated and effort time would be 10 minutes and APT for this job is 8 hours.

This project reduced of effort time on this job.

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