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Weekly Tracker Automation

12 Hours

Before Automation

20 Minutes

After VBA Automation

11.67 Hours

Time Saved per month

  • Industry:
  • IT & Services

Company Profile: It is an intelligent app services company encompasses design, development, testing, support and maintenance of intelligent apps in Cloud, mobile, data arena.

  • Department:
  •  Operation
  • Tool(s) Used:
  • Microsoft Excel VB Programming (Macro)

Need for Automation:

I am required to track and extract the daily metric by using resource data manually, which includes performance and progress of every resource. The updated data is used to generate a weekly and monthly report, which is finally submitted to the client and higher management. This report helps to find the progress of the project and also helps to validate the performance of an individual. It consumes 2-3 hours daily to track and update from each resource, Automation on this process can save the time more efficiently.

Cost-Benefit Analysis (Post Macro Implementation)

Activity # Description Frequency Time Consumed - Manually Time Consumed - After Automation Time Saved Time Saved Per Month
1 Tracking resource wise data manually on a day and creating weekly tracker manually. 4 3 Hours 5 Minutes 2 Hours 55 Minutes 12 Hours

Cost-Benefit Analysis (Post Macro Implementation)


Tracking resource wise data manually on day and creating weekly tracker manually.

Frequency (Monthly)

4 Times

Time consumed manually

3 Hours

Time Consumed for automated activity

5 Minutes

Total time savings per activity

2 Hours 55 Minutes

Total time saved Per month

12 Hours

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