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How it Works?

General Registration

  • Click Resgister.html to register for Excel services.
  • Fill the form and submit.
  • You will get the activation link to your email-id. Click and activate the account
  • Once registered, you can access Excel Training, Excel Support, Online Excel Help, Excel Consulting, and Excel Tools

For Excel and VBA Support

New User:

  • Login to your account, post your Excel question (s) and upload related files
  • Consultants will provide you with the solutions in a stipulated time
  • To view the solution, buy the credits suitable to you (Economy Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan etc)

Existing Users:

  • Log in with your User-Id and check the available credits in the account
  • Check the knowledge base for your Excel related query
  • Post the Excel Question (s) to your consultants
  • Buy the Credits if required to view the solution or use the existing credits.

For Online Excel Help:

  • Subscribe for the suitable plan (Individual, Group, Business) and get the licenses accordingly
  • Installation Files will be mailed to you
  • Download the file and run the installation
  • To avoid problems, deactivating the antivirus is advisable
  • Once installed, launch the Online Excel Help
  • Enter the registered User-Id and password to access the 650+ Excel Video Lessons
  • Check the remember password to avoid re-entering the User-Id and password every time
Excel VBA / Macro Support
Excel Training

Online Excel Help

Online Excel Help